Ivonne Correa

Former Alumni

Thanks to the quality of that education, many doors were opened for me. This is why, like every parent who wishes the best for her children and who is clear that the best legacy we can leave them is an education, I enrolled my two children here without hesitation.

The inauguration of the School in Bucay was something really new. They were education pioneers in the area. They opened their doors to provide education to the community from the get go, and my parents made the effort to enroll me there. When I finished school I came directly here and got my high school diploma.

This had a huge impact on my life, because, in addition to the fact that I was able to experience many beautiful things and have a completely different education from what was known before in the area, high school education gave me a future.

High School was innovative in every aspect. In terms of the quality of education, the infrastructure, the warmth of the teachers, the care they provided for us. It was a personalized education.

Now I have my two children enrolled here. I tell them about the experiences I had when I was in school. I tell them how we helped sow the grass, and helped with the decorations, back when everything was just beginning. Those are the things they now enjoy.

I tell my daughter that I am proud to still feel part of the school, not only as a former student but also as a mother. Every time she participates in events like Family Day or Christmas I relive memories from when I was a student like her. Memories that are still intact.

I have been able to live and feel the type of education that is provided here, both as a mother and as a student.