Who we are

The San Luis Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization fostering education in rural areas through social action institutions since 1977.

Children receive the scholarship benefit granted by the San Luis Foundation through their school tuitions. 

Our Purpose

Provide education services to children and adolescents in the rural areas of the country.

Our Commitment

Comprehensive training and quality education aimed at children and young people from the communities of Bucay and Valle Hermoso through two schools approved by the Ministry of Education.
San Pedro Valle Hermoso
San Juan de Bucay

Our Goals:

Foster quality education in rural areas as part of the social assistance to the sectors most in need.
Establish and operate schools as the basis for the development of society.
Manage, receive and channel contributions towards the execution of educational programs.

We provide:

● Initial Education
● Elementary Basic Education
● Middle Basic Education
● Higher Basic Education
● High School Education

Organization Chart: